I am one of the lucky people who knew what they wanted to do at an early age. By the age of ten I knew I was going to be a professional drawer - not a cupboard or underpants - a drawer of things.

I designed my first wine label while at primary school - it was a shocker, but I did all the type design and illustration by hand and there were a couple of hundred Riesling labels run out for the Australian-German Club in Perth back in the 70’s. I have no idea what the wine tasted like!

These days I ensure I taste the product before accepting a wine label design commission - you know it makes sense. 

What drives my design is beauty and relevance. If I connect with something then I am excited about it and that resonance gives the insight needed to create. 

Public transport has always been important to me and I chased this opportunity in Perth after returning from seven years of working in London. London was a fantastic place to learn about good design. The place is infused with it, and in the 80’s and 90’s it lead the world in television, product design and advertising. And I was lucky enough to fall on my feet there.

They did not, however, lead the world in wine so I had to return to Australia to get involved in label design. No, not really. I came back to Perth so my two daughters could have a life that was warm, with clean pavements and close to family.  

Definition is the fruit of these experiences and the vehicle for my creativity... 




Christopher Mills 1962+

BA Fine Art 1980 - 1983        West Australian Institute of  Technology 1983

London 1987 - 1993                 The Research Centre         Saatchi & Saatchi                   Real Time Graphics - Chanel 4 - ITV     Typography Summer School

Perth 1994 - 1995             Channel 9                         Shorter & Partners

Definition 1995+


Corey Wat                        Graphic Design - Typesetting

Terrence Kane                 Graphic Design - Typesetting

Corey and Terrence help me out with lots of elbow grease, tolerance and dedication to a job well done.